"I HIGHLY recommend Pete as a photographer, particularly if you are a starting up model or are looking for a trustworthy person who will always have your best interest at heart. Before I worked with Pete, I already got a professional and trusting vibe about him. He said I could contact models he has worked with in the past and ask them how he is as a photographer. When it came to shoot day, he gave me a rundown about how he works and it made me feel EXTRA COMFORTABLE. 

When working with Pete, the shoot is literally yours to play around with - you can fully be yourself and act like a goose around him and he will never judge you. I have seen improvements over photoshoots Pete has done and he is an exceptional, high class photographer. 

I would rate Pete 5/5 stars"


"I have worked with Pete on many occasions and he will always provide a safe and comforting environment providing opportunities and valuable knowledge to me. He is always professional and goes above and beyond for his models in so many different aspects. We have built an incredible relationship around the basis of modelling and photography as not only a client but a friend. He is honest and genuinely incredible to work along side. Would definitely recommend for all experience levels of models and he will always go above and beyond for ‘the shot’ ".