Model Portfolios - Female

Female Portfolios by Raveander Photography.

Testimonial - Amber

"I HIGHLY recommend Pete as a photographer, particularly if you are a starting up model or are looking for a trustworthy person who will always have your best interest at heart. Before I worked with Pete, I already got a professional and trusting vibe about him. He said I could contact models he has worked with in the past and ask them how he is as a photographer. When it came to shoot day, he gave me a rundown about how he works and it made me feel EXTRA COMFORTABLE. 

When working with Pete, the shoot is literally yours to play around with - you can fully be yourself and act like a goose around him and he will never judge you. I have seen improvements over photoshoots Pete has done and he is an exceptional, high class photographer.

I would rate Pete 5/5 stars"